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I don't really post stuff about other peoples toys here simply because there are lots of incredible sites/blogs that already do that stuff every single day. Any attempt i made to do the same would be futile and pointless with all the other wonderful resources already available. That being said there is a new(sort of)toy out there i liked so much i actually made a head for it. So a brief description is in order.

They are called Armorvors. They were sculpted and created quite awhile ago by the awesome people involved with Onell who actually do a whole line of incredible factory produced mini action figures. 

Great figures with cool stories and even interactive videos with games. The armorvor is a battle beast inspired figure that has been produced for awhile in resin but with over a dozen separate pieces it's cost was very high. Over the last few months Onell has been releasing pvc factory produced versions for just 8 bucks a pop! They come out every month or every other month in new colors but sell out quickly. I think the next drop is the 30th of this month. I was lucky enough to grab a couple and i found out several fans of the figures make and sell there own heads. I couldn't resist trying myself since my favorite battle beast as a kid was the rabbit and no one else had attempted a new version. It was a longer process then i expected but i like the end result. They are soon to be produced in resin(plastic)and sold through pre-orders in a few colors hopefully.

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  1. I want one, there is in existence and what is its price