- The Eye of Death -

There was a project put together by an artist a couple months ago where people sign up and create a one of a kind monster. Then everyone involved gets assigned randomly to another artist and they send off their creations. Really neat concept. I don't have time for stuff like this normally but the fact the project was opened to everyone regardless of their level of experience made me want to get involved. The fact some truly great artists signed up and encouraged people who have never made any kind of toy or monster before to join in was pretty inspiring. All in the name of fun and sharing is a rare thing these days. To take a one of a kind piece of art that could be rather marketable and trade it away for another piece is in my opinion awesome. 

So here's my contribution...

Inspired by the MadBalls many of us loved as kids. A one-off evil cracked skull with a bloodshot eye soon to be sent off to another random person who liked the idea of making a piece of art to give away as much as i did. 


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    1. Thanks! I hope whoever gets it enjoys it and i'll be sure to show off what i get in return as well.