- Camazotz - 

The baby bat 
Screamed out in fright, 
"Turn on the dark, 
I'm afraid of the light."

- Shel Silverstein

This project is a collaboration with myself, Unbox Industries and Brandt Peters. I originally sculpted this monster just 3 inches tall. The bat design was my own while the skull was based on The Skelve character created by Brandt Peters and The Stranger Factory. Once Unbox became involved they thought taking the figure from 3 inches tall to just over 10 inches would be more fun. I think they were right. The first release is up right now at the Unbox online shop. Two beautifully marbled vinyl versions are available for a limited time pre-order. The blue orchid which is a deep slightly translucent blue mixed with a lighter shade of pink and a bubblegum version which is lightly mixed with a purple nightshade hue. Neither version is painted at all. Just very nicely marbled vinyl. 


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