- They eat so fast you won't have time to scream. -

Working with Eric Nilla and Joe Whiteford was an absolute blast when we did a painted run of these evil little furballs. My design and sculpt with Nilla's production and Whiteford's stunning paint work made for a great collaboration. 

Joe Whiteford showing off his paint skills.

Furball swarm.

Sticker fun.

- The Atomic Uchuujin - 

"Earth people give good blood."

This alien monster sculpt was loosely inspired by the banned episode of Ultraseven from the 1960's. There is a long history behind the episode itself which caused an outrage in japan when the radiation scarred creatures were mistakenly described as a-bomb survivors in a japanese publication. They were actually just aliens from a radiated planet who came to earth so they can feed on the blood of humans. Regardless the episode caused a stir and was pulled never to be shown again in japan. Purely by accident when the series was dubbed and released on TNT many years later in hawaii it aired again. Once the contract rights to airing the dubbed episodes ended it was once again pulled from the series and buried forever. Even the "Official Complete Ultraseven Series" dvd boxed set that released recently was missing that episode. You can sometimes
find it on youtube but it gets removed pretty quickly.

So taking some inspiration from that creature I created my own version. It was released in a few solid color rubber versions of course and in a very limited hard resin painted special edition version with a ton of extras like classic 3D header cards and 3D glasses. An authentic vintage toy watch made to resemble the evil alien watch from the show that actually fires tiny missiles. That particular version was a blast to make with Eric Nilla(who handled the molding/casting and graphics)and Joe Whiteford(who hand painted each figure)and we held just a handful of them back so every now and then we can let another collector snag one even though no more will ever be made. If you are feeling lucky send an e-mail to enilla1979@yahoo.com if you're looking for one.

- Tug O' War! - 

“What would an ocean be without a monster lurking in the dark? 
 It would be like sleep without dreams.” 
― Werner Herzog

This project took nearly two years from start to finish. Given the opportunity to create any monster I wanted in a 3 inch scale for factory vinyl production was almost overwhelming. Countless options and choices to be made. The design itself took over 5 months of tweaking before I was happy with it. My mentality was if this did turn out to be the only factory toy I ever designed and sculpted I had to make sure there were no regrets at all. In the end I went with something similar to the toys I created as a child. A lot of us probably did the same thing as kids, taping or gluing a soldier or hero or even a monster to a vehicle of some kind. That was endlessly fun and I wanted to capture some of that with my mini vinyl monster. Without getting into any of the backstory the creature is basically a seamonster with a tug boat on his back for camouflage so when he attacks ships they don't see him coming. So after many months of design then even more months of sculpting in clay Tug O' War was born. Then sent off to Unbox Industries for vinyl production who I cannot thank enough. I really like how it came out in the end. The first army green vinyl run of the monster sold out in just a few minutes(sorry about that)but there will hopefully be a new color soon. 

- Rotten Tomato - 

The original concept drawing was done by Triclops Studios then handed off to me for the actual sculpting and clay work. Made about the size of a grapefruit it was pretty easy to pack in lots of textures and details. Released first as a big solid rubber ball then handed over to Rampage Studios for vinyl production and used in various small run releases.