- Deadly Deliveries - 

"Hey, you wanna see something really scary...?"

Deadly Deliveries is finally here! Remember when you were a kid and the the best toys came from the bottom of cereal boxes and cracker jacks? Or how much fun it was to order random toys from comic book catalog pages? The kick you would get saving up the tiny comics from bazooka joe bubblegum and mailing them all away for strange prizes? That is what we are trying to bring back except with a darker twist. The infamous Retroband and myself have teamed up yet again to create a catalog of mini-toys inspired by our favorite horror and sci-fi movies and books. Both designing and sculpting our own pieces for this project while Retroband handles the molding/casting himself. Staying true to the toys and prizes we loved as kids there won't be much information shared about what we release until it shows up in your mailbox. Not knowing is half the fun! New stuff will be added to the catalog monthly.


- Mirock Toy X Death Bat -

“Wind warns November’s done with. 
  The blown leaves make bat-shapes, Web-winged and furious.” 
- Sylvia Plath

Camazotz Death Bat Tomenosuke 10th Anniversary Exclusive!

To celebrate the 10th anniversary of the founding of Tomenosuke-syoten they will be releasing an exclusive Camazotz Death Bat hand-painted by Yohei Kaneko from MIROCK-TOYS. Designed and sculpted by Zectron based on Brandt Peters classic Skelve head design and produced in soft vinyl by Unbox Industries. This edition is a run of only 10 pieces, each priced at 14,500JPY(about US$133.00)which is a steal for these 10 inch(260mm)monster bats.

The Camazotz Death Bat will be released April 22nd at 11AM(Japan time)online through tomesyoten.exblog.jp

- Oil Spill Edition - 

"“Beware the dark pool at the bottom of our hearts. 
    In its icy, black depths dwell strange and twisted creatures it is best not to disturb.” 
― Grafton

Saturday April 16th at 12pm PST the Oil Spill edition of Tug O' War will be released. Produced by Unbox Industries in a deep blue vinyl with subtle black marbling. We went with postcard style headers this time and each 3 inch soft vinyl toy will come with a free 1.5 inch mechanized tank as well. 

Available Saturday here   http://ericnilla.storenvy.com/
- Marbled Madness - 

“The monsters of our childhood do not fade away, neither are they ever wholly monstrous” 

Tug O' War is finally returning! This Saturday(March 12th)at 12pm pst in Eric Nilla's online shop a there will be a black and white marbled version of my sea monster up for grabs. These have been marbled by the wonderful people at Unbox Industries so each one is unique. I was lucky enough to be given uncut vinyl this time so I was able to cut/trim/assemble each figure myself which was a blast.