- Toy Show! -

The first 5 spinning head KESH-E-FACE figures ever made will be available for viewing(and buying)at the clutter inaction figure gallery show in NY that starts on january 12th(check out the events section at www.cluttermagazine.com for details). The show itself should be really cool with all the awesome toy artists in the line up and i think whatever doesn't sell quick is going to be sold online shorty after.

This is the artwork i did for the back of the packaging with my beloved prisma colored pencils. Snake mountain meets Castle greyskull. Wanted to show it here since most of it will be covered by logos and stuff on the actual package.

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  1. Love your work man. What a great piece. Can't wait to get one of these. And more of your work. Beard fisto or whatever his name may be. Super cool. Keep it up.