- Primordial Ooze - 

Anyone remember this thing?

Had to be the oddest toy i  ever saw as a kid. Some green alien type monster that you fill with ooze and then you squeeze until it's face pours out. Since it's release in the early 80's there have been a number of re-releases and bootleg versions. My personal favorite is the tiny micro-ooze mini-figure.

I decided to pay my respect to the original design and sculpt a very simple version of an ooze-it styled madball. My goal was to take elements from both the original version and from the classic madball style and twist them together into something that resembled both but was actually neither. 


  1. Thanks yet again. Your support is always appreciated. Since you dig these i will be sure to grab a couple extras when the final version is ready for you to share with your fans through a contest or something similar.

    1. Sounds great! Would love to do something around this guy.