- Tug O' War! - 

“What would an ocean be without a monster lurking in the dark? 
 It would be like sleep without dreams.” 
― Werner Herzog

This project took nearly two years from start to finish. Given the opportunity to create any monster I wanted in a 3 inch scale for factory vinyl production was almost overwhelming. Countless options and choices to be made. The design itself took over 5 months of tweaking before I was happy with it. My mentality was if this did turn out to be the only factory toy I ever designed and sculpted I had to make sure there were no regrets at all. In the end I went with something similar to the toys I created as a child. A lot of us probably did the same thing as kids, taping or gluing a soldier or hero or even a monster to a vehicle of some kind. That was endlessly fun and I wanted to capture some of that with my mini vinyl monster. Without getting into any of the backstory the creature is basically a seamonster with a tug boat on his back for camouflage so when he attacks ships they don't see him coming. So after many months of design then even more months of sculpting in clay Tug O' War was born. Then sent off to Unbox Industries for vinyl production who I cannot thank enough. I really like how it came out in the end. 

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