- Medium. Rare. - 

“Never wrestle with pigs. You both get dirty and the pig likes it.” 

- George Bernard Shaw

Awhile back I teamed up with Retroband and Unbox Industries to create a pig-like companion figure for Retro's incredible 12 inch vinyl serial killer. We worked on the design together for a few weeks while I was sculpting it with clay. It ended up being a hybrid of lots of different animals but mostly it looked like a pig combined with a wild boar and a wolf. There have been a few releases over the last year or so and now I get to release my artist exclusive version. I went with a marbled vinyl that would look great as a blank but still be something people could buy and paint themselves if they really wanted to. The end result of the marbling has an eerie meat like quality to it. The irony of sculpting a pig and having it marbled like bacon was just too good to pass up. The marble itself is a thing of beauty. Somehow Unbox managed to mix red and white to get these deep hues of both colors in a way that actually looks like meat. The real mind-blowing thing is how some parts of the monster have a subtle translucence because they are actually marbled with bits of blue glow in the dark vinyl. I have never seen anything quite like it before. It almost looks like it's painted with glowing blue highlights but it is all just blank marbled vinyl. Thanks to my friend @thatfuckerjerry and his amazing photo skills I can share images of the glow itself.

Saturday, September 3rd they will be up for grabs in the littlerubberguys online shop. 


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