- The right to bear arms - 

The thought process was simple. I wanted to make a totem pole monster with arms and feet. Sketched it out and made a rough version but it was just kind of bleh. Didn't have any playfulness and it wasn't really scary. Like a slightly evil tree. 

So i went back to the drawing board and came up with a living totem pole that was way more... living. 


It was not easy to sculpt but it does have a nice size and weight to it and like the Crite it is pretty much what i saw in my head made into clay. Can't ask for more then that. 

It should be releasing in rubber with two other figures made by other artists in a 3 pack. Hopefully i'll have details soon.

Oh and the bottom of the totem club is the best part ^_^


  1. Holy poop that is fantastic.

  2. Thanks bro. I bet it will look better in rubber. Sculpy hides lots of details. Hopefully we get to see some neat colors.

  3. Dude... I am amazed at your sculpting skills! This character is KILLER!!! You should totally submit it to the next series of OMFG! figures!

  4. Wow!! A++ can't wait to purchase this figure

  5. Thank you both for the support.

    Multiskull was by far my favorite from series 1. Are you making something for series 3 as well?

    I hope to enter something myself if i have time before the deadline.

  6. That is an awesome little oddity.the fish on the head is a nice touch somehow

  7. Top-notch sculpt! The bottom part of the pole looks like one of the Critter dudes. So cool. Can't wait for this set to come out.

  8. Replies
    1. No they have not been sold yet. Still waiting for them to be rubberized. Sorry it's taking so long.

    2. No prob,I'm glad I didn't miss out.
      This is amazing! I'd love to be on the mailing list,I'd love to get one of these!