- I need a name... -

Remember when you were a kid and the only thing as good as saturday morning cartoons was Masterpiece Theatre? The crazy colorful characters with insane animal fighting styles that could shatter really fake looking boulders with a single punch? Well i remember, and this figure is a homage to those movies and the awesome fighting games at the arcade that devoured all my precious lunch money. 

Do arcades even exist anymore...? 

A powerful old kung fu master who uses a secret ancient technique to control his massive beard fists and uses them to fight instead of his hands.


  1. Wow! Cool sculpt

    tried to brainstorm some names for you :

    Beard Gonna Bash
    My Face My Fists
    Out by a Hair
    Follicle Fighter
    The Beard Boxer
    Face Punch
    Ultimate Face Punch
    Ultimate Face Puncher
    My Dad's Beard Can Beat Your Dad

  2. Hairy Hitter
    Harry the Hitter
    The Chin Champion
    The Champion of Chins
    Momma Said (Knock You Out)
    Master Chin

  3. I like him lots.

    Fu-man Shoo
    Beard of Fury: Tale of Chin Lee
    Shi-Chin chin no Ronin (or Samurai)
    Takashi Chin-ura

  4. Foure Arms? I apologize for the bad puns

  5. The Beard-Fistian

    Whisker Warmonger

    Chin Pube Puncher