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  1. Very neat sculpt and one I can certainly dig! Hopefully won't be as difficult to pick up as the Critter though. Never did manage to get one.

    1. Aww man you missed the pre-order drop for Crites?

      TruTek put up a pre-order for a full week so anyone who missed out could snag one easily. There was a post about it here. He's on vacation now but he'll be back in a week and i can help you special order one if you want to.

      If you want one of the plastic version instead of rubber BigManToys is releasing some next week i think.

      I don't want anyone to miss out.

    2. After the first major release selling out so quickly and all the talk about "no more Critters" I didn't bother checking in anymore. If something outside the blog mentioned the preorder, I never saw it or else I'd be happily enjoying one now.

      I would definitely prefer one in rubber, but it sounds like that would be a pain in the ass to have the guy do one just for me... or expensive.

    3. I'm sure he'd be happy to make you one(or more if you want)and the price would be exactly the same as always. It won't be a problem at all honestly. If you look a couple posts down you'll see how we did the pre-order release. Lots of people missed out and we felt bad so we just let everyone pick whatever color they wanted and pre-order them. They actually just shipped out yesterday i think.

      So yeah when he's back from vacation in a little over a week you can get what you want for sure and it won't be a bother at all. We never intended for these to be difficult to get. The demand was just really unexpected.

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  3. Awwww... thank you so much, dude. I will be happy to take you and him up on that offer.

    That's what I love about these projects like yours and the IronNilla collabs. Such fantastic guys behind them.

    Haven't decided what color(s) I'd take yet. I kinda want a basic, simple figure but I also love the crazy marbled colors too. Maybe one flesh and one of the marbled combinations? Hmm.